Des d'una capseta...

11 d’octubre 2006

Les vistes

Vet aquí la vista que tinc de la meva capseta en diferents ocasions...
What you can see from my spacebox...

La primera impressió / The first impression (04/09/05)

La primera nevada / First snow (25/11/05)

Més neu / Snow again (02/02/06)

Pluja... / Rain... (20/08/06)

L'altre dia, quan em vaig llevar :) / A few days ago, when i woke up :) (22/09/06)


  • I just stumbled onto your blog and you have reminded me of the year and a half I spent in Eindhoven working for an ad agency near the airport.
    Thanks for the memories. Some of them were rather good! Like the bizarre camel race...

    By Blogger JJ Hughes, at 10:03 p. m.  

  • @joseph hughes

    Welcome to my "little box" ;) I'm glad to hear it brought you back nice memories!
    Camel race??? I guess i missed something...

    By Blogger Marta, at 10:56 p. m.  

  • Bonitas vistas...en eso si que ganas de calle...ahora que reciclar material....jeje, aquí se ve un cambio de estilo o algo...;-)

    By Anonymous Anònim, at 8:18 a. m.  

  • I like the last picture, it's really cute ^^

    By Anonymous AnnSo, at 10:59 a. m.  

  • Mande???

    I do not understand English.. And I do nto udnerstand the pioctures..

    and I do understand that we beat them 3-1

    And I do nto udnerstand... I am stupid...

    I want aa camel

    @monty Python FC

    By Blogger kike, at 9:29 p. m.  

  • i am so happy you took a picture of the swans..i've also seen them
    i always take a detour in the morning on the way to the office to see the birds on the dommel

    By Anonymous cc, at 11:09 p. m.  

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